Thoughts on sleeping from a tired mom….

by mendibpng

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jacob and Jenny Beth when they were babies.

Last week I took a break from Facebook, blogging and all other forms of online social networking. I had a couple of days where I would fall apart at the slightest thing and I was trying to figure it out.

I think being a woman makes life complicated because sometimes we can’t figure out the ‘why.’ We just know that something is wrong. Granted, we as a family had multiple things on top of our normal challenges of living cross culturally:

  • Ben has more work than he can physically do in a work week now that he is the project leader…he barely has time to do translation advising.
  • We are planning a village stay in early January. Following Christmas, the store will be closed until the day we leave, so I have to buy all the food and supplies we need for five weeks this week.
  • We have had four men working for two weeks on our haus win, which means that I cook them huge meals (think “feast”) and multiple coffee breaks each day.

Over the weekend I went to bed early each night (sometimes before my kids) and rested while the twins napped. On Monday, I woke up early with Jacob and realized I felt better! Even figuring out food for our next village stay didn’t seem like an overwhelming task.

I know this is a rather mundane blog post, but seeing that it made a huge difference in my state of mind and heart, I thought I’d write a post about it. SLEEP.

I remember when the twins were first born, I didn’t get more than 45 minutes of sleep at a time. I felt depressed and feeling paranoid about things, and at the time I did internet research on sleep. I learned that sleep is vital to maintaining emotional and mental health.

So often I rob myself of sleep because the evenings is the only time during the day that I have kid free time. In order to get alone time, I have to wait until 9:00 or 10:00 to start whatever it was that I wanted to do, including watching a movie with Ben or whatever. I am now realizing that I am going to have to make an adjustment to that so that I can maintain at least a small measure of sanity. Sleep is an allusive thing to a lot of us moms with small children, and we need it so badly!


5 Comments to “Thoughts on sleeping from a tired mom….”

  1. So true! Sleep is just one of those non-options… Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and a restful pre-village week.

  2. here! here! Now if I can only remember that once our newborn arrives.

  3. I hear you! I took a sick day for myself today. First one in years!!! I slept. Donnie brought lunch home to me–I ate in bed. He picked the kids up from school. I feel like a different person this evening (even with the stopped up sinuses). A little sleep does wonders!!!

  4. Definately true! Its hard to force yourself to give up that me-time because you really feel like you need it. But in actuality it grinds/tires you down to the point of depression if you don’t stop the cycle (speaking from experience here!)

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