Last thankful post…Happy Chicken Day!

by mendibpng

Here’s a typical PNG chicken, like the ones we cooked today. We got ours from pastors who are raising money for their children’s school fees.

Many of us here in PNG celebrate Thanksgiving on Saturday because we don’t get a long weekend like we would at home in the U.S. It gives us the chance to cook our yummy traditional food and spend time hanging out with friends afterwards.

Earlier in the week, I felt a teeny bit down because I had really wanted to make an apple pie to take to our gathering but there were no apples in the store. Somehow I remembered someone saying that they had tried a zucchini mock apple pie and found a highly rated recipe on It went over really well, some saying they didn’t even know it wasn’t apples! I guess that goes to show that the really important part is the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Thank you, Lord, for little blessings like “apple pie” in Papua New Guinea.

As I prepared food this morning, I remembered how my mom taught us to cook when we were young girls. I could hear her advice in my head all those years ago as I was rolling out the pie crusts and was wishing we could have done that together today.

In the absence of family, though, we had a wonderful time with friends…eating, playing touch football, having dessert and then playing table games. The best thing, I thought, was watching our kids laugh and have a good time with their friends playing the hilarious game of Quelf. Also our two year olds did well, and only started to get fussy when we were getting ready to leave for home. If you have twins, you will know the huge sense of relief I felt for that. 🙂

On another note, with the multicultural course in mind, the thing that struck me today was how smoothly the food was served (no concerns about who would go first and how much they could take), how easy it was to converse (not worrying about offending someone by saying something ‘American’) and how easily we did the dishes together afterwards. I am facinated by cultural differences in eating, visiting and cleaning habits. I spend a lot of time here feeling concerned about people from other cultures and being careful not to offend, but it was nice today to be able to revert to my home country’s way of doing things and be able to relax at my friend’s house.

Thank you, Lord, for a holiday focused on giving thanks and for good friends to share it with.


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