Thankful for our team!

by mendibpng

We came to Papua New Guinea to work with John and Bonnie in the Aitape West Translation project in 2002.

Beth joined the project as a translation advisor in 2004 (now she is the Scripture Use coordinator) and Jessie joined us as a translation advisor last year.(not pictured: Arlene, our administrative assistant, who is based in Ukarumpa and helps us with all kinds of tasks related to running the project)

In 2000, we spoke with the Papua New Guinea branch director and asked him if he knew of any teams requesting help. We wanted to join an already functioning team, to learn how to assist national translators and then to move on to a new location later. He put us in touch with John and Bonnie and after learning about the Aitape West Translation Team, we felt God leading us to join them. A few years down the track Ben and I both felt God telling us that we needed to stay in Papua New Guinea to continue with training our PNG colleagues until the day when they could move on to other projects without our help. What a privelege and blessing to work with a team on the task of Bible translation!

I love working on a team because…

  • we benefit from each other’s expertise.
  • Just a few examples: John knows how to program computers remotely from the U.S., Bonnie is great at thinking through ideas, Jessie has put together amazing spreadsheets for printing books, Beth has a ‘can do’ attitude about trying out new Scripture Use methods and Arlene takes care of ordering and scheduling things for us….these are only the tip of the iceberg for these talented people we work with.

we support each other when times are difficult. we encourage each other to excel in our work. we test out and generate ideas for the project.

  • If I were left to my own devices, I don’t think I would have produced any literacy materials. Whenever I have had an idea, my teammates say “go for it!” and help me figure out how to accomplish it. Jess and Beth spent hours helping me reprint literacy materials ordered after the Luke dedications.

we share common goals of training Papua New Guineans and seeing them move forward in leadership positions. all of these people are ‘family’ to us. Thank you, God, for putting us with a great team!


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