Our two support teams!

by mendibpng

Scott and Sarah met here in Ukarumpa just after we first arrived in PNG. Scott teaches at the high school and Sarah stays home with their children.

We met Kurt and Johanna on our first furlough when they were preparing to come to Papua New Guinea. Kurt works at our computer support services department (CTS) while Johanna stays home with their children.

We’re thankful for our support teams!
We village teams end up staying in the jungle for weeks at a time, sometimes longer. When we are far away from access to supplies and medical needs, we have a support team standing by ready to help. Every translator family has at least one other family looking after them…we actually have TWO so that it isn’t a burden on any one family to help us. Sometimes we don’t need any help during a village stay, but other times, they work hard to help us out!

Here are some of the things our support teams have helped us with in the past:

  • buy food at the store and put it on a plane. Or buy food for us if we are scheduled to arrive after the store is already closed for the day or weekend.
  • look after our son if he is in a hostel (children’s home)
  • help us with travelling plans
  • send out our e-mail updates
  • go online and help us do financial payments or make online purchases in time for a shipment
  • look after our kids while we’re packing
  • provide meals for us either when we are coming or going
  • pray for us. They are the first people we write if there is an urgent need, and they pass on the info to other friends.
  • organize things that need doing while we are gone (example: take our truck to the autoshop)
  • troubleshoot problem with our dog if the dog-sitter needs help

We also have other friends here who help us out even though they aren’t an ‘official support team’ and we are grateful to them too. 🙂

Thank you God, for our support teams!!


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