Confessions of a Missionary Wife: Like a flood

by mendibpng

Day Day 5: Amazing Grace

Tonight I was listening to Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace. These words jumped out at me…

Like a flood
his mercy reigns
unending love
amazing grace!

Sometimes I become weighed down by my sin. Yesterday we looked at our sins in our multicultural course through the lens of our cultural judging system. I thought about the things I shouldn’t have said (and did!) or the judgemental thoughts I’ve had about others rooted in my own insecurities. Added to that, I have been overloaded by my own mundane daily tasks to where I don’t notice or ‘hand out life’ to others (Prov. 8) like I could. In short, it’s easy for me to live in darkness even though I am a child of the King!

Tonight I remembered that Jesus has taken it all to the cross. I am thankful for all of the years that His mercy covered my sins. I don’t even understand it well, but it seems that as I get older, the more I realize how sinful I am and the more it is clear how much He has done for me. Thank you, Jesus for mercy.

It seems that the simple truths I learned as a small child and know in my head need to be brought out into the open often. Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of music.


5 Comments to “Confessions of a Missionary Wife: Like a flood”

  1. Sometimes I think you live my life even though we are continents and cultures apart. Your transparency is refreshing and encouraging. Sweet peace to you, sister.

  2. Mandy,

    So glad that you have this chance to go to the multi-cultural workshop. It really sounds like a worthwhile class that we would all benefit from by attending.

    Miss you!!!


    • Yes Adrienne, I highly recommend it. It was a stretch to leave the littlies for 10 mornings but it was really good to hear all the different perspectives. 🙂 Miss you too!

  3. amen about the music sometimes I find my self just singing, humming worship to the Lord by myself it just comes spontaneously

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