Auntie Beth

by mendibpng

Our teammate Beth with Arop translator Emil’s daughter and nephews.

Day 4: Thankful for Beth
In our time here, we have been blessed by deep friendships. Beth is one of those people who really knows what we are really like and still loves us. We met her during our orientation course in 2001, and she joined our translation project a year or so later. We have travelled many roads, sharing in laughter and good times and grieving together in times of loss. She is someone who will show up at my door and ask to take the kids…so often it has been at JUST the right moment, such a gift is so appreciated by this sometimes tired mom. Beth also eats any food I serve her and is always willing to chat when I need an adult conversation.

Last night, the kids and I made pizza as a special dinner for her, and she had everybody laughing and telling stories. Even little Jenny Beth didn’t want to leave her side when it was bedtime. She told me that while out on a walk with Mama Hana, the twins begged to see her. They know where the house is where they get candy from their beloved Auntie Beth.

I am feeling a bit sad today, as she left this morning to go on furlough for 8 months. I am also thankful for Bethy in our lives.


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