Our partners here and over there….

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Two Sissano ladies pour over the Christmas story primer I worked on last spring using text from the published Luke (photo by my teammate Jessie Wright). In this village, they ordered hundreds more of this 8-page booklet and were asking for more literacy materials to help them read God’s Word.

Day 2 of Thanksgiving: Our Prayer and Financial supporters: we can be here because of you!

Just last week I spoke with a new friend, who experienced life overseas as a child, similiar to me. There was a big difference, however, between his experience and mine. His family didn’t know Christ, and so he didn’t have people back home praying for him or supporting him. When he was sent back to his home country, he had no one looking out for him. He had to figure out what it meant to be a third culture kid on his own. In contrast, as an MK (missionary kid), I had all of those amenities. I remember sometimes being confused and even ungrateful at times for all of the attention we got for our special status. Now as an adult I realize how much our family benefitted from loving gestures and prayers of God’s people. I see God’s grace and mercy tangibly being handed to us daily by our partners and friends back home. For this, I’m deeply grateful.

Here are some ways that we have been blessed during our 10 years of missionary service:

  • prayer. I cannot emphasize how important this first one is. This is the BEST way you can support a missionary.
  • notes of encouragement
  • missionary support (our income)
  • tangible items needed for furlough: housing, a car, baby items, food for 12 weeks after our babies were born, etc., etc.
  • extra gifts for special needs: whenever we have had a significant need, it has always been provided for

I feel like Paul, when he says “I always thank God for you when I think of you.”

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2 Comments to “Our partners here and over there….”

  1. and you have been such a blessing to us.Love the idea of 1 thankful thing a day

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