two weeks of Giving Thanks

by mendibpng

If you recieved our e-mail update last week, you will know that our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving for what God has been doing in our lives and in our translation project. For the next two weeks, I am going to post something every day illustrating some of the things Ben and I are thankful for.

Day 1: Felix, Wolwale Translator

When we first met Felix (pictured center), he was a newly married young man. He was not as highly educated as the other translators, so he quietly deferred to his teammates during the translation process. In recent years, however, Felix has stepped up in leadership because his partner often struggled with sickness. He showed himself to be a very intelligent and careful translator, often working until late into the night in order to keep making progress. This last month, Felix organized the Wolwale Luke dedication and we felt so much joy seeing him lead his people that day.

(Below) Ben and Felix just before Felix’s family performed the two worship songs he wrote in Onnele for the celebration.

(Below) Felix and his wife and children (one of whom is named after Ben!). During our first stay in Wolwale, we saw him repeatedly showing love to his wife and kids, something that we saw again last month when he hosted us for the dedication.

Please pray for Felix:

  • Pray that his family stays well while he attends translation workshops.
  • Pray that his people would read the scriptures that he has worked so hard to translate, and that their lives would be changed as a result.
  • Pray that he would not be discouraged in this work that God has called him to.

2 Comments to “two weeks of Giving Thanks”

  1. has anyone named their baby mandy or Moo?

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