Happy Halloween!

by mendibpng

In Papua New Guinea, we usually don’t celebrate Halloween. However, on furlough in the U.S., we had fun dressing up with our kids and going around the neighborhood with them. Ellie in particular this year felt sad that she would be missing out on this cultural event from our home country. So, I put together some treat bags and asked our teammate Auntie Beth to let us visit her to pick them up. She and her dinner guests were happy to oblige, oohing and ahhing over our thrown together costumes and everybody got into the spirit of it. We made another stop at a friends’ house, and it felt a teeny bit like what we experienced back home. We topped off the evening with Pringles, hot dogs, and sodas.

While I was putting together the treat bags, I explained to my haus meri, Hana, the lady who helps me here, that in our country today was a special day because the kids dress up and get candy from people. She smiled happily when I gave her a bag of candy to share with her kids in honor of the day.

Can you guess what I dressed up as? Yep. A missionary. ha ha…


4 Comments to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I always dress up as Ben, Annie, and Ryan’s mom!

  2. I think it was a great idea. It would keep away negative thoughts about being in PNG. I’m sure you all had great fun.

    Aunt Gladys

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