We have internet in the jungle!

by mendibpng

Many of you have been praying for us to get a satellite connection (VSAT) up and running in the village. A couple of weeks ago, Kurt Metzger (far left) and Wayne Ferris (far right) came from Ukarumpa to get it set up. They are pictured above with Ben and Emil Ninkure after getting it up and running in a day and a half.

“Why do you need an internet connection out in Arop?” you might be wondering.

We need to back up translation work. When you have 11 languages saving a book like Luke, for instance, the files get HUGE. We could not do this over the radio connection. Additionally, Skype allows us to contact the village when we are not there. Consultants and advisors assist us in the translation work remotely. Also, computer support people can ‘take over’ a computer and fix it from another location. John Nystrom, our teammate in the US does this for us already.

The VSAT has already helped save the lives of a mother and her twin babies! After coming back from the village, we learned from Emil via SKYPE that an Arop woman couldn’t deliver her second baby. Ben called the hospital in Aitape, a 2.5 hour drive away from the village and connected Emil to them using Skype so that they could talk to each other. The hospital personnel sent a car out to get her right away. A week later, I was able to reach the hospital by phone and found out that although the mother and babies survived, the mother needed blood. Once again, we got on SKYPE and asked Emil to send a family member to the hospital to donate blood for her. We praise God for the life of this mother and her babies. We are grateful for the VSAT which allowed us to help them get to the hospital!

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