“Today, Jesus is an Onnele man!” Part 2

by mendibpng

As I sifted through hundreds of photos, I realized that I couldn’t tell the whole story in just one blog post. So here’s the rest of the story…

A darling child, dressed in full Onnele style.

After the speeches commenced, leaders gathered to pray over Wolwale translators Joel and Felix.

Linda, one of our literacy teachers, (right) reading to a friend while others purchase copies of Luke.

On Sunday, we celebrated with a local church. Felix had written a worship song in his own language for this occasion. His family performed it.

Sitting with my girls on the women’s side of church. What a blessing it was to be a part of this joyous occasion in Wolwale!

If you are praying for the Aitape West translation project, now is the time to ask God to use the gospel of Luke to show people that He is real. He speaks their language!  He wants to live among them and change their hearts. May they learn to love their traditional enemies and turn away from sorcery that is so prevalent. Pray that husbands will not beat their wives, as their culture allows, but they will love them as Christ loves the church. Please pray for our translators, too, that they will be godly witnesses in a spiritually dark place. Thank you!!

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