“Today, Jesus is an Onnele Man!” Part 1

by mendibpng

 If you have been on our e-mail list, you will know that we left for the village at the beginning of September. We were uncertain if the airstrip would be cut and how it would go for Josiah in a children’s home for 1 week without us. In short, the grass was being cut as we were landing and Josiah had a great time in the hostel. I will try to fill in some of the other details later, but I thought I’d start with one of the highlights of this village stay. One of the languages we work with, Wolwale Onnele, didn’t have a Luke dedication yet. Our teammates Jessie and Beth attended six other dedications in June, while Ben was here in Ukarumpa helping teach a translator’s software (Paratext) course. We spent last weekend celebrating this milestone for the Wolwale people. A Ramu translator, Vincent, spoke the words, “Today, Jesus is an Onnele Man!” during his speech–I thought it was very fitting for this post, as the book of Luke is the first large Scripture portion that they have ever had in their language.

When our car pulled up, people were waiting for us to join the celebration.

The first item on the agenda was to decorate all the visitors. Ben is pictured here with Jacob on his back.

The dancers led us to a grandstand, where the digitaries would give speeches. My feet didn't work as well as these ladies but they didn't mind me trying to learn the steps!

Special people were chosen to perform a traditional sing sing.

It was emotionally moving when the dancers came in carrying the book of Luke and my literacy materials.

The local level government leader gave one of the first speeches.Two of my literacy teachers, Gibson and Linda, led a time of worship.

Our five kids were good sports during the four hour ceremony. Eventually we took the twins away from the grandstand because they were too distracting.


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