Come and be satisfied…

by mendibpng

Another day has passed with Ben gone. I don’t usually write this many posts in a week, but the writing seems to be cathartic for me as I deal with transition to being a single parent for a little while during Josiah’s medical trip to Cairns.

I wrote to our missionary women’s e-mail list serve asking for advice about how to cope with a spouse’s unexpected absence. I loved the contrasting advice of “don’t try to do too much” (ie keep things easy on yourself) and “make sure you get out when you need to.” (These are my words, I hope I have done the e-mails justice!) I think the balance of these two things has happened pretty well as I kept this advice in my mind the last few days. Today, the kids and I watched movies, ate doughnuts, visited with friends, and went on an extremely fun outing to a place where everybody could ride their bikes and run around safely (aka to me now as TODDLER HEAVEN). We also went to a potluck block party tonight. I had anticipated that I would find it stressful to bring the twins, but it turned out to be a refreshing chance to get to know those who live near me.

Other members also wrote to the e-mail list serve about keeping thoughts on God.  I must admit here that the thought of Ben leaving me in Papua New Guinea with our four youngest children was terrifying, and I felt more alone than in all of my missionary career thus far. The night before he left, I listened to Matt Maher’s CD. If you ever get the chance to hear “Sing Over Your Children,” it’s worth the couple of minutes.

The phrase that jumped out at me that first night when I was grieving the absence of my husband and missing my family back in the U.S. was, “come and be satisfied.” I wrote those words down and started thinking about the times when Jesus said “come to me!” in the New Testament. I’m no Bible scholar like Ben, but I can think of at least 3-4 instances where Jesus said it, particularly the verse that I have heard my whole life, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” All He wants is for me come to Him. There are a lot of times when I look to my husband to fill up that place that only God can satisfy. I think Ben is willing to do what he can humanly to care for me, but ultimately it’s Jesus who can fill that deep void. I am still missing my husband since I like having him around! But it’s an opportunity to let God quiet the storm and satisfy me.

I am going to include the words here because I can stop writing this post…these words say it all for me.

 Sing Over Your Children
(Matt Maher)

 I flirt with the world
It steals my love for You
My fear grips my faith
And I am left unmoved
Your gaze stops my heart
Your voice fills the dark
Your love is the spark that lights this life
So we rise

Out of the depths you cry,
“Come and be satisfied”
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

You quiet the storm
Inside my shipwrecked soul
Your spirit will lead
It calls the wayward home

At the sound of Your name
Our sin is washed away
In Christ we’re crucified
In You we die, in You we rise

Out of the depths you cry
“Come and be satisfied”
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

Let us see through Your eyes
We are Your great delight
Father You sing
Father, You sing over Your children

And we’re singing along
Your daughters and sons
We’re singing Your song
We are Your children

Out of the depths you cry
“Come and be satisfied”
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children
Let us see through Your eyes
We are Your great delight
Father, You sing
Father, You sing over Your children


2 Comments to “Come and be satisfied…”

  1. Mandy, Mandy, Mandy… You are such a strong woman (by the grace of Jesus, of course) with a transparent heart. I love how you are so open about things and share your struggles with nothing to hide. God is teaching you how to handle adversity with grace and it’s obvious that He is trusting you to mature and grow in your faith. I admire you so much and am grateful for your friendship. I can’t imagine any other place on the planet that I could go and be surrounded by such wonderful moms and wives as examples for me to look to. Keep pressing on! I miss you!

    • thanks Crystal, you are a big encouragement to me too. 🙂 Can’t wait to welcome Caedman to the world SOON!!!

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