Standing in the gap

by mendibpng

I generally am the one to be there for my friends in a crisis. When something happens on the mission field: a relative dying, a traumatic event in a village, a long term sickness, I love helping out. Being part of the member care team a few years ago meant I went on pastoral care visits and gave practical assistance to hurting people. Now that I have five children, my role in member care has pretty much dwindled down to the small(er) group of close friends who I have a ‘stand in the gap’ relationship with. It is a reciprocal thing. When one of us hurts, the others gather around and do what they can to help. This is one of those weeks when people have circled around me as we are dealing with separation and medical issues.

I am sure I would figure it out by myself if I had to, but I am grateful for the outpouring of help and encouragement I’ve had this week while on my own. I’ve had e-mails, phone calls and play date invitations. Some have helped me tangibly, like one friend staying during the crazy last minute packing frenzy before Ben left and figuring out how to put up Jacob’s PeaPod bed so that he would sleep while Ben was gone. Others listened to me debrief about the events of the week, and welcomed us to their houses for playdates/aka sanity breaks.

I guess what I want to say is that even though we don’t have parents or inlaws around to help, this feeling of ‘alone-ness’ is alleviated by those who are here and love us. I love that our community stands in the gap for each other: watching kids, praying, distracting and encouraging those who need it. Pretty soon, maybe even in a day or two, someone is going to need my help and because I’ve been cared for, I’ll be able to step in too. Living here has its particular challenges. But I think that it’s because of the others who live and work here that we can cope, if we let them help us. Living in community is not always pretty; in fact, it has its challenges. However, this is one night where I sit in my house, thankful for all those people who are making my business theirs this week.

2 Comments to “Standing in the gap”

  1. You definitely deserve to be reciprocated!!! You have been such a great help, encouragement, and friend to me since we arrived. Thank you!!!

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