Confessions of a missionary wife: walking and not fainting….

by mendibpng

Sometimes a number of events seem to stack up, and I deal (adequately) with one at a time until the next biggie comes. My teammate Beth talks about feeling like a rubber band that is stretched as far as it can go and then “twang!” the last biggie is just enough to make the rubber band break. This week was one of those weeks. I am watching our twins move from babyhood to toddlerhood and this factor on it’s own is probably the biggest one.  Another mother of twins wrote me with an understanding of this stage of raising twins and reminded me that it’s like ‘walking and not fainting’ (Is. 40:31).

Friday, I told a friend on the phone that Jenny Beth needed to go to the clinic because this was the second day on a fever, which could indicate malaria.

Ben and I with Josiah on his graduation day from 6th grade.

As I talked, Josiah burst through the door and said “she’s not the only one who needs to go to the clinic!” I took one look at his arm, which looked distorted and swollen and yelled for Ben to come quickly. After getting some ice and a towel to wrap it up, we piled into the truck and rushed down to the clinic.  After several x-rays we learned that Joe had broken his arm in two places and dislocated it as well. I stayed during the x-rays and long enough for Jenny Beth to get a malaria slide done, and returned home, wondering what the next step was going to be. We have very good doctors and nurses here looking after us, but when they don’t have the equipment or supplies to deal with something, they send us toAustralia. Joe came home with a cast on his arm that day, but he will have to see an orthopedic surgeon to make sure it will heal right. For those of you with medical knowledge, it’s a Salter Harris fracture, through the growth plate.

Of course I will want Joe to get the medical attention he needs for his arm, but the other part of me wonders how I will manage with the four younger children (especially the twins) at home without Ben here. This is one of the ‘hard’ things of missionary life…dealing with crisis (even a non-life-threatening one) without family nearby. We’ve already had many offers of help from friends, which is good, but it will be hard to handle the twins on my own without Ben. But like my friend says, God gives us the strength to walk and not faint.


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