And the Word goes out….

by mendibpng

If you are on our e-mail update list, you will know that our team completed printing of the book of Luke in five languages. Our Papua New Guinean colleagues took 49 copies of Luke home, and our teammates Beth, Jessie and Ange visited these language groups in order to promote the use of these newly translated Scriptures. Each of these language groups also has a reading primer using scripture from the Christmas story, which people have enthusiastically bought as well.

Hopefully the following pictures will convey the excitement our team feels over this milestone.

Ben spent hours typesetting (formatting) the Lukes. Here he prints a proof copy for Malol translators Petrus and Phillip to check over before the final copy prints.

Printed Luke hot off the presses! The Onnele men assembled books by cutting the A4 pages, stapling the sides, covering them with the cover and taping the edges with cloth book tape.

Getting the word into villages often required hiking through swamps and travelling in dugout canoes. Our teammates Beth and Ange are pictured here. (Picture by Jessie).

Our friend Rosa looking at the literacy primer with a group of children. We heard that the primer has been selling out in many places. In Sissano, people ordered 400 more copies!

Beth ended her Scripture Use talk in all the language groups with asking local pastors to gather and pray over the book of Luke. They also prayed for the translators, who felt encouraged by the community support of their work!

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