Puzzles and perspective

by mendibpng

Having older kids around to help with the babies is a joy and blessing…

Sometimes I feel like my brain is made up of tiny puzzle pieces. Before I had kids, everything fit together (for the most part) and I knew from day to day where I was going.  But more and more, especially now that I have the twins, I am finding that a piece of the whole picture gets lost here and there.  Once in a while, I (together with Ben) find a piece and put it back, or find a new piece or creative solution to a new problem or discipline issue with one of the kids. Many years ago, one person told me (and I can’t remember who it was!) that you need a different parenting style for each kid. Another person told me later that parenting was physically exhausting when you have very young children but it gets more emotionally/mentally exhausting as the kids get older. I have found both pieces of wisdom to be true in my 11 years of parenting.   At this point, each of our kids has shown a need for different kinds of parenting (although some things are universal) and now we are working with an 11 year old all the way down to 16 month old toddlers.  So we are emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted.

At least I am.

But I know that this is for this time. And as with my older kids, I know that my babies will get bigger. And they will learn how to play together, and feed themselves, tell me what they want/need, sleep through the night, etc.  It’s just that there is always an adjustment to be made at every stage and I am in new territory with two babies at once. I’ve said it a lot, that God knew what He was doing when He made my kids so darn CUTE. It’s an important aspect of their survival.

I like the song by Phil Keaggy, “there is a time and a place for everything. And Jesus means everything to me.” When I’m changing poopy diapers, wiping sticky fingers, or making bread, I want to keep turning my gaze back to the one my heart really longs for. I can see Him smiling with me today when one of the babies said a new word, or when Ellie came out with her homemade ‘high heels’ made out of flip flops and blocks of wood. Or when my oldest needed paint thinner to get green paint off his hands, the walls and the floor.


One Comment to “Puzzles and perspective”

  1. Dear Mandy,
    I love reding Living Letters, I love finding out how to pray for you. And I love that phote. God bless you all. I do pray for you most every day. My privivilege.

    Love, _Autn Hope

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