Let’s share translation notes with a BGAN satellite terminal

by bzephyr

Although our family had to stay at our national training center, our teammates John, Beth, and Jessie still went out to Arop village, and they are meeting with a smaller number of translators since we were not yet able to get a new septic tank installed to accommodate the whole group. That means that as I check over 1 Timothy, I also get to help John test a new method of sharing translation data between Arop village and the outside world.

Loren and John troubleshooting the BGAN connection last July

Yesterday, I finished writing up about 35 notes for 1 Timothy chapter 1. I sent an email to John in the village letting him know that I sent those notes to an internet server managed by the United Bible Societies. He can get that email over a high frequency radio connection, but he can’t get the translation data over that slow connection. So he’ll be testing a new piece of equipment called a BGAN to connect to the internet and receive the data. BGAN stands for Broadband Global Area Network. It’s a satellite internet terminal about the size of a laptop. At about $6.50 per MB, we won’t be using this to surf the web. But if it can help us keep up to speed with our local partners who are faithfully making good progress translating God’s word into their own languages, then it’s a small price to pay in order to keep our team tracking together no matter where we are in the world. Hopefully John can test this out soon and get my notes without any technical glitches.

One obstacle to testing the BGAN is a problem I found last night when I sent my notes to the UBS server. Somehow, all of our old projects showed up in the list of projects to update, and because there are so many, this took over 45 minutes just to start the process. I need to delete those old projects off the server before John tries to receive my new notes with the BGAN. Pray that…

  • I can delete the old projects successfully
  • we figure out how to keep this from happening again
  • John will be able to use the BGAN to receive the new notes

I’m almost finished checking 1 Timothy chapter 2 today, so I’ll have more notes to send soon, if this process is working.


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