by mendibpng

One of the things I love about the Arop people is that they treasure young children. Babies are often carried in slings and looked after tenderly…it is not uncommon to see a daddy holding his little baby while her mother is off fishing (during the day) or preparing their meal (in the evening).  Often other children, barely three or four years old will help care for a younger sibling.  Community living means that a baby belongs to everyone, and everyone steps in to help look after her.

As a family, we’ve enjoyed watching the Arop people welcome our children into their lives.  If one of my kids is out of line (ie Noah playing too close to the fire or harassing chickens, for instance—real examples!) someone will let him know. Our babies know they are adored and often call out to passers-by (from the porch) to take them for a walk. It is not unusual to see someone stopping by to talk to them, too, as if there is all the time in the world to make my children happy.

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