What we do for fun in PNG…

by mendibpng

We decided to try to squeeze most of our entertaining into the days before Christmas for two reasons: I have lovely house helpers who are incredible at cleaning and helping me with the babies and we wanted to have a lot of down time in the days before and after Christmas.  Here are a few highlights from our holiday festivities.

A couple from our Bible study pulled a prank on us by stealing our Angel from the Christmas tree…here’s the ‘proof of life’ picture they sent long with a ransom note made of cut out magazine letters. It was very entertaining!

And just before Christmas, our dog Destiny gave birth to NINE puppies!

And of course highlights from Christmas Day! I do want to mention here that living in PNG can present challenges, particularly on birthdays and Christmas…we have to plan MONTHS and MONTHS in advance to get things here on time.  When we were on furlough, we shipped a few things for future events, which made getting ready for Christmas much easier than in the past.  I did notice that this year, in contrast to last year when we were in the U.S.,  my kids were satisfied with their few presents, rather than thinking about all the things they could have gotten. Perhaps the difference when we are overseas is that we don’t see commercials and are rarely able to go to stores.  There is a lot less of the ‘gimmee’s’ and just more room for the plain JOY of the holiday and celebrating Jesus’ birth.  Being together is the icing on the cake…Ben was reminding me recently that our oldest is not going to be little for very long. The seven of us plan to relish this time as a family.

And so, back to the highlights of our holiday so far….

Jacob and Josiah, the REAL twins of the family.

We all agreed that having two babies in the Christmas mix added an extra level of chaos and FUN!  We all enjoyed hearing their 15 month old dances and squeals of joy.

While we were wrapping presents and playing Christmas music, I made sweet rolls and a breakfast casserole, ready to bake the next morning for brunch. We ended up not having our real Christmas meal until 4 in the afternoon.

 The day after Boxing Day we continued celebrating by going down to our local river with a couple other families for a swim and cookout.  We weren’t able to drive our truck down so we set up a shade for the babies to keep them from getting burned while the big kids went swimming and Ben got the fire ready…(pictures curtesy of my friend Lizzie! I hardly remember to bring a camera to things these days)

Noah and his buddy Luke climbing up the bank…

Afterwards, we came home and the kids played Wii while we adults played a board game…all in all a very relaxing day with friends!

For New Years, some friends came over, and we feasted on Indian curried leg of lamb and other yummy Indian food, topped off with a British pudding and homemade icecream. We set up a projector and had a Nanny McPhee marathon, and rang in the new year together….alas, I didn’t have my camera out that night. But once again, we had a lot of fun.


One Comment to “What we do for fun in PNG…”

  1. Hi Mandy and Ben,
    We love your newsy notes…and the pictures are a delight. We’re glad you had such a wonderful time during the holidays and ttat you have learned to “make do” with whatever the Lord provides. May He continue to bless you in the new year.

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