snapshots of the important people in my life…

by mendibpng

A translator’s work is never done…even on the airplane Ben was checking Luke once again. He tells me he has 40 verses a day to check before the next translation workshop.

Josiah has grown in compassion this last year and has been so helpful with his baby siblings.  He has a special soft spot for his baby brother Jacob.


Noah is our forever playful one–he finds where the fun is happening and gets right in the middle of it!







Ellie is seven years old already. After a year of praying and wishing, she finally lost her first tooth!

Jenny Beth loves to make us laugh. She also knows what she wants–tonight she would not leave us alone until someone put her sandals on!

Jacob talks in long unintelligible baby talk sentences. He often shouts “daddy!” at random times. (photo by John Nystrom)

One Comment to “snapshots of the important people in my life…”

  1. Hi Mandy,
    We loved the photos and captions. Merry Christmas.

    Love, Aunt Hope and Uncle Arthur
    P.S. You are in my daily prayers.

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