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Miss Alis is a good friend of ours, and she is always happy to babysit!

Yep, I said ‘staycation!’ A lot of people try to get away from our mission center for the holidays. But we have a couple of limiting factors—we can’t really afford to go anywhere this year and travelling with two babies who are still taking 2 naps a day is not really an attractive idea. So I thought I’d share here some of our ideas for making life a little more fun for the school holidays. If you live overseas and ‘entertainment’ options are limited you will understand why it’s good to come up with ideas for school holidays!  If you have ideas for our stay-cation, feel free to leave a comment here on this blog!

–go down to the river and have a picnic
–ride bikes around the Upper Oval
–arrange play dates with friends
–watch Christmas movies
–have Wii or table game tournaments
–make a bonfire
–make Christmas cookies/donuts
–have a water party
–camp out under the Christmas Tree
–have ‘date’ nights (for Ben and I) on our porch after the kids are in bed

I have already enjoyed not having to get my three kids out the door by 8 am…of course this means we’ll have a little more commotion and noise during the day, but hopefully if we are proactive about doing fun things it should be a great stay-cation. I will update here with what actually happened during our break…maybe my ideas are a little too unrealistic!


2 Comments to “stay-cation”

  1. I have an idea……make CHEESE!

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