Happy Chicken Day!

by mendibpng

Yes…I said “chicken!”  🙂 We didn’t have turkey this year…but there was good food and fellowship with our friends the Bruners, who shared the ‘cooking from scratch’ load and also made us feel like we had family around for the holidays. This is our first family holiday in our house in Ukarumpa.

So our first year here in PNG, I wrote my Aunt Cherie, who I think is a REALLY good cook. I told her that I had never made stuffing or gravy from scratch! She sent me her recipes and I’ve been using them ever since. Since we can’t buy canned green beans (for our green bean casserole), stuffing in a box, premade pies, etc., we (as in us missionaries) have learned how to make these things from scratch.  This year the fact that there was no shortening to be had was a little alarming but I was able to cope with using real butter for pies instead. But to be honest, I feel like we were able to have a lot of ‘special’ items, even apples, applesauce, canned blueberries (for a pie), canned cranberry sauce and olives–I don’t remember being able to get these items in Indonesia growing up!

As we were sitting around the table and talking about family back home, I was thinking about my parents, aunt, uncle and cousins who would be getting together. There will be many hours of holding our new baby cousins Gunnar and Wren, (who I haven’t met yet, sniff, sniff) and congratulations for my cousin Sarah who is getting married in May.  Last weekend a dear friend of mine got married, and my parents, sister and a lot of my missionary aunts and uncles were there too. Holidays and family events are bittersweet.  We have lovely friends here. But deep down we ache for our loved ones back home and in other countries. (All of us Hobbs girls ended up in three different countries, by the way!)

(Photos by John and Brena Bruner)


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