Luke and Jonah checked

by bzephyr

Just after lunch today, we finished checking the last verses of Luke 24 in the three Onnele languages of Goiniri, Wolwale and Romei-Barera. So we used the extra time this afternoon to go back and do the final checking of Jonah. This is the first Scripture that has gone through the entire checking process in these three Onnele languages. Our partner, John Nystrom, took the lead looking at their Tok Pisin back translations and asking most of the questions about what the text means. I looked at the vernacular language texts and sat by John, suggesting further questions to ask and making notes about places we need to work on further. Our teammate, Beth Fuller, and consultant Dave Scorza are also nearly finished checking Luke in the Pou and Sumo languages.

We were all very happy to come to the end of these two weeks and know that God helped us check over our translations carefully and find places that needed improvement. Luke is in very good shape, and we will use the next two weeks to go back over it and make the needed changes that we just identified. Jonah was the first Scripture that they worked on 9 years ago, so we recognized that it needs more thorough work to get it ready for publication.

Dominic (translator from Goiniri Onnele) suggested that it would be appropriate to end our time with prayer. He and Peter (the vernacular language consultant from Wolwale Onnele) both prayed and thanked God for helping us make his word communicate clearly in their own language. We are looking forward to this word bearing fruit in many lives in the Onnele communities.

Pray for John Nystrom that he will continue to have strength during the next two weeks as he tries to keep his fatigue illness in check. He will be checking all of Acts in three languages (Arop, Sissano, and Malol) with another consultant starting on Monday.

Continue to pray for Kenny (translator from Sissano). He is feeling somewhat better and is working on his translation, but he is still not feeling well.

Also pray for Linus (translator from Arop) who has left the village for town to visit the local hospital for his sickness.

Remember Joel (translator from Wolwale Onnele) who will soon try to find a way to town to receive treatment for an enlarged spleen (probably from repeated malaria), to have his heart checked out, and to address issues of anxiety.

Thank you for prayers,


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