Renewing a Passport

by bzephyr

Noah’s passport expires next July, so we need to begin the renewal process now. Since Noah is under 16, he has to be sighted along with both parents by the U.S. Consular in order to apply for a renewal passport. The consular will be in the town of Goroka tomorrow, which is farther on up the highlands highway from where we are now in Ukarumpa. So we made an appointment to see her. It’s a two-hour drive through beautiful mountains.

This last Friday, however, saw some significant unrest in Goroka and along the highway. For more info, see the article in the Papua New Guinea Post Courier here. The police apparently calmed things down over the weekend, so we will still go. But we’ll be traveling in a caravan with another car for extra safety.


2 Comments to “Renewing a Passport”

  1. Hi everybody,
    Uncle Arthur and I will be praying for your safety and for you to accomplish your purpose tomorrow. I enjoyed your blog and seeing Destiny with your children. I pray for you everyday, though I can’t keep up with my e-mail correspondence. Uncle Arthur had open heart surgery on July 23 and I work with him on his therapy at home. He has a check-up with his surgeon tomorrow, so we will be on the road early in the a.m for our 80+ mile ride to Utica. We hope you are enjoying your new home and that all is well with all the children. Love, Aunt Hope

  2. wow. how beautiful! no wonder these mountains captured Ben’s heart as a teen. so thankful for this way of keeping up with you!
    love & hugs from all of us Kamells!

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