Onnele Team Prepares for Final Checking

by bzephyr

Last week, I met with five Onnele translators at our regional center in Wewak to go over the Gospel of Luke and make sure it’s ready for final checking in October. From left to right, Dominic is from the Goiniri dialect of Onnele, James and Otto are from Romei-Barera, and Joel and Felix are from the Wolwale dialect.

These dialects are very closely related, but over the last eight years working with them, we have been constantly learning about their language differences and their need for separate (but related) translations. Where their languages are similar, we share translation decisions together, but where their languages are different, their translations must be different in order to effectively communicate the message of the Bible accurately, clearly, and naturally.

These are the northernmost varieties of a whole chain of related languages that spread across the mountains to the south. These men hope to not only continue translating God’s Word for their own people, but to someday help their neighbors to the south begin translation where there is no Scripture in the local language.


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